Zanqual API Release 0.3 in SummaryEdit

Release Date: January, 9th, 2017

Creator: DaloDaloDalo/XxCubegamerxX

Recources: Zanqual v0.3, ZanqualInstaller, Zanqual API Loader, API Loader Startup File, Changelog;

Added Functions: 13

Modified: 0

Removed: 0

More: Best update till today. 1 forgotten function: string.random (unfixed). Fixed tostring() with using table.


New stuff added (removed from) to Zanqual v0.3:

+ added shortcut-functions:


+ added new functions:

   rednet.openAll() - Does what the name says, and returns the number of the opened modems.
   rednet.closeAll() - Does what the name says, and returns the number of the closed modems.
   colors.random() - Returns any random color. Advanced PCs returns their colors, and normal only black and white colors.
   colors.getTable() - Returns all aviable colors.
   textutils.delayPrint(text,delay) - Prints the characters in any delay value. Ends with "\n"
   textutils.delayWrite(text,delay) - Does the same but doesn't write "\n"
   fs.write(path,text) - Writes text into the given path.
   fs.writeFromTable(path,table) - Does the same but writes from a table.
   fs.append(path,text) - Writes text into the given path WITHOUT reseting path.
   fs.getLine(path,line) - Returns the line from the given path.
   fs.getTable(path) - Returns ALL lines from given path as a table.
   fs.getString(path) - Returns ALL lines from given path as a string.
   fs.replaceLine(path,line,text) - Replaces the text at the line in the given path.

+ modified functions:


~ changed stuff:

   MANY stuff got added.
   Fixed tostring-table-extractor:
       now you'll have 1 space between each table value

- removed



Best update till today.

Next Update: Version 0.4