Zanqual API Release 0.2 in SummaryEdit

Release Date: January, 8th, 2017

Creator: DaloDaloDalo/XxCubegamerxX

Recources: Zanqual v0.2, ZanqualInstaller (No floppy disk anymore needed), Zanqual API Loader (Modifies os.reboot and os.shutdown to copy API Loader Startup file as startup), Zanqual API Loader Startup File (Deletes itself and runs API loader and Zanqual);

Added Functions: 1

Modified: 1

Removed: 2

More: Now can be downloaded by using a online downloader & installer. Creates everytime you reboot or shutdown on CC-Computer an API-Loader Fike named as startup.


New stuff added (removed from) to Zanqual:

+ added shortcut-functions:

   p(text) for print
   w(text) for write
   scp(x,y) for term.setCursorPos
   stc(clr) for term.setTextColor
   sbc(clr) for term.setBackgroundColor
   c() for term.clear
   cl() for term.clearLine

+ added new functions:

   rednet.checkModem() - returns the side string for the next existsing modem. else returns false

+ modified functions:

   tostring(number or table,more string stuff) - now it can extract tables. you can add any custom string between 2 table values (doesn't work with number-values).

~ changed stuff:

   Installer doesn't need a floppy disk to install anymore.
   Zanqual loads the API automaticly without using os.loadAPI(...)

- removed

   ford() - unuseful
   ifd() - unuseful


Better than the last (Version 0.1) update!

Next Update: Version 0.3