Zanqual API Release 0.1 in SummaryEdit

Release Date: December, 13th, 2016

Creator: DaloDaloDalo/XxCubegamerxX

Resources: Zanqual v0.1, Zanqual Installer (useless, doesn't work), Zanqual Doc (later renamed and redisigned to changelog);

Added Functions: 9

Modified: 0

Removed: 0

More: Never shown to anyone. Only posted in pastebin. Supposed to be copied from a floppy disk to install.


-- Zanqual is currently at version 0.1

-- Zanqual v0.1 includes a "shortcut" function for -- "if" and "for" commands, I will explain how to -- use those commands:

-- First of all you need to create a file and write -- os.loadAPI("ZanqualScript/Zanqual") -- and now I will explain you the functions:

-- IF: -- to use this you gonna need to write -- Zanqual.ifd( a variable, a value, a comparative, os.loadAPI(...))

-- FOR: -- to use this you need to write -- a variable, a number, a second number, os.loadAPI(...))

-- The version 0.2 of Zanqual Script is comming soon.


Useless until next Version.

Next Version: Version 0.2